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Sayo is a sustainable, women-led small business. We are a team of artists from India who like to paint, design and stitch. All together these creative brains work on curating a fine range of daily use products.


Sayo is short for Sayoni, which means a soulmate or a lover. We hope our products fit into your lives just like that one missing piece of jigsaw. 

Sayo products are made from the handloom cotton fabric, which can cause subtle irregularities in the weave or print, especially in 'ikat' fabric. There might also be some chalk markings as these products are handmade by artisans and not machine made. We hope you understand that these irregularities are the very hallmark of all natural-dyed, handwoven and handmade products. This makes every piece unique and one-of-its-kind just like you. Our raw material is ethically sourced and we pay a certain percentage to our tailoring team per piece for the products made at Sayo. 

Follow us on Instagram @sayonisi for regular updates.


Photomontage of water color paintings made as a part of the Plantober collection, 2020 by @sayonisi



Meet Manasi, a botanical watercolor artist who reconnected with her true passion in art after dropping out of architecture school. Nestled at the serene foothills of the Himalayas, she lives a slow and mindful life with her boyfriend - Siddharth, finding inspiration in every aspect of nature that surrounds her.

Embracing a sattvik lifestyle, Manasi cultivates a connection with the natural world, which beautifully reflects in her art pieces. With every stroke of her brush, her artworks capture the intricate details and vibrant colors of the native flowers of different regions. Through her art, she aims to evoke a sense of appreciation for the world's flora, urging one to pause and embrace the calmness of nature.

She consciously chose watercolour as her medium since they cause least damage to the environment and require utmost patience to work with which makes the entire process meditative. She addresses herself as Sayo - short for sayoni which means a lover / soulmate, on the artworks and goes by the name sayonisi on Instagram. Join her on this artistic journey as she continues to celebrate the wonder and beauty of the natural world through her watercolor creations.

Follow her on Instagram @sayonisi for regular updates.


Tel: 8050491087

77, Hindwadi, Belagavi, Karnataka, India - 590011

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