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  • Can I request a custom order for a 'Sold Out' product ?
    Yes! Please write to us at and we will try to fulfill your request. But please understand that in some cases, this will not be possible. This is because at Sayo, we curate handmade products in small batches which are inspired and developed around a theme every season.
  • Can I pay 'Cash on delivery' ?
    No, we are not accepting cash on delivery payment option at the moment. All orders have to be prepaid for order fulfillment. Thank you for understanding.
  • Can I return or exchange a product if I do not like it ?
    No, you cannot return or exchange a product if you do not like the colour or finish of the product. To know more about our return, refund and exchange policy, click here.
  • Can Sayo laptop sleeve protect the device in case of a fall ?
    No, our laptop sleeves will act as an additonal layer of protection to prevent scratches and dust accumulation but not as a shockproof layer for your device in case of a fall.

Tel: 8050491087

77, Hindwadi, Belagavi, Karnataka, India - 590011

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